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Concrete structure design is one of the subsets of structural design. The design of a concrete structure is different from the design of a steel structure. The design of conventional concrete structures has fewer challenges than the design of steel structures. Because zero to one hundred concrete structures can be designed with the same design software as Atbas, but in steel structures, issues such as fittings, etc. can not be designed with the help of software and requires sufficient experience and knowledge. . On the other hand, in many steel structures in the field of design of joints, according to the provisions of the tenth regulation of the national building regulations, it is very difficult to get the desired answer. Structural design of Shahverdi residential building is one of the concrete structural designs of the structural team. Due to the injection of step cost, today concrete structures are used more than steel structures, except for special cases, one of which is the lack of ground, which the employer is forced to use steel structures. Due to the higher strength of concrete structures in the same volume, steel structures usually result in smaller dimensions in a structure similar to a concrete structure, and this feature distinguishes steel structures from concrete structures and makes them more pleasing to architects. Be. Structural roof systems in the design of concrete structures are more diverse than steel structures. One of the advantages of concrete structures over steel structures is the problem of vibration. In steel structures, one of the concerns that can sometimes lead to an increase in the cross section of the side beams is the issue of vibration control. But there is no such problem in concrete structures. Today, due to market fluctuations, employers usually buy the desired rebar before designing their structure, which is one of the issues that usually causes operational problems and limitations in the design of concrete structures. Because it is difficult to control the distance of the rebars according to the available testers and the usual required limit. One of the important issues that the user must control in Atbas software is the issue of maximum allowable column reinforcements. Atbas software is based on the American Concrete Code (ACI), which limits the maximum percentage of reinforcement outside the patch area to 4 and in the patch area to 8. However, Article 9 of the National Building Code limits the maximum amount of reinforcement allowed outside the patch area to 3 and in the patch area to 6. Therefore, if the percentage of column reinforcement in Atbas is, for example, 3.5, that element does not show red, but the percentage of permitted reinforcement of that column is higher than the value provided in Section 9 of the National Building Regulations and the design of that column should be reconsidered.


The lateral bearing system of concrete structures is often in the form of a single bending frame or bending frame plus shear wall, which can be designed in medium or high ductility levels. An important point in the design of structures designed with shear walls is to control the stiffness of the floor diaphragm. In only flexural frame structures, it is usually easy to control the rigidity of the diaphragm. Due to the large dimensions of concrete structures, they usually do not have a problem in controlling the rise, but it should be noted that concrete structures suffer from long-term decline due to the creep phenomenon, the effect of which should be collected by the immediate rise of beams. Common roofs used for reinforced concrete structures are block beam roofs and concrete slab roofs, but in more specific structures, depending on the type of project and long openings, Cubiax and Ubot roofs have recently received more attention.


In more articles, the difference between the initial cost of steel and concrete structures was mentioned, but while the initial cost of steel structures is high, its execution time should also be mentioned. In relatively new roof systems in steel structures such as steel deck roofs, it is possible to concrete several roofs. However, in concrete structures, the progress of the skeleton is ceiling to ceiling. Therefore, execution time is one of the important factors in choosing the design of concrete structure or steel structure design. The structural team of Dr. Sarvar et al. Consulting engineers believe that according to the audited studies, the use of pins in the columns to restrain one of the rebars can not have the proper function. Therefore, in all drawings of concrete structures, in the design of columns, instead of using a pin, closed bends are used because studies show that closed bends have a more suitable seismic performance.

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