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Concrete Slab

The concrete slab is the most cost-effective base for a house as it does not require deep excavation or repair. Dalahoo Beton Saei Canada Incorporated offers monolithic slab and stem wall concrete slab.

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are a good option for buildings constructed on slopes in hotter climates and areas prone to flooding or earthquakes. The installation typically creates an 18” – 24” of space, allowing easier access to plumbing and ductwork.


Built either entirely below ground or partially above it, basement foundations give strong structural support to buildings. This gives an additional living space sometimes double the existing square footage. The living space doubles as a protection against tornadoes and hurricanes. Having ductwork in the basement ceiling provides easy access for utility work.

Pier and Beam​

A pier and beam foundation usually includes a crawl space beneath the living space and footings to support the foundation. It offers more stability in shifting soils making it ideal for construction in seismic areas.

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